Our berries

What matters to us

Our family lives on the farm and we eat the berries we produce.  Therefore, we feel very strongly about producing our berries without the poisons commonly sprayed on conventional strawberries.  Not only are the toxic chemicals used to produce conventional strawberries absorbed into the berries, they also find their way into our environment and the water we share with our neighbors.  Strawberries are at the top on the Environmental Working Groups Dirty Dozen list of produce most contaminated with pesticides, herbicides and fumigants.

Organicusda organic seal 150x150 Our berries

  • Wise Acres is a USDA certified organic farm. Our farm practices include crop rotations, cover crops, detailed record keeping and third-party monitoring to make sure we are compliant with current organic standards.  We are committed to offering you the healthiest berries possible!


  • Most produce at the supermarket is picked 5-7 days prior to hitting the shelves.  During that time the sugars turn to starch and the fruits lose nutrients and flavor.  By purchasing local you are receiving the freshest possible produce picked and ready to eat immediately.  Furthermore many of the varieties of produce aren’t chosen for flavor, instead they are picked because they ship well.  The average distance food travels to get to the supermarket is 1500 miles.  When you buy local, you are not only consuming fresher food but you are also promoting energy conservation through lower energy usage and reduced packaging.

Care & Handling

  • We do our very best to produce the sweetest and tastiest berries possible.  Once you leave the farm you need to do your part to make sure they stay at their best.  The first and most important step is to refrigerate your berries as soon as you get home and refrain from washing them until you are ready to serve.  Wash them under cool water with the green caps still on.  Waiting until the berries reach room temperature will bring out their best flavor.